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We import green coffee from small farmers in direct trade from Uganda.

Fairness and quality are our highest priorities.


GERUGA was founded in 2017 with the vision to promote and support the people in Uganda.

Since Vincent was born and raised in Uganda, the entire family has a close relationship with the country. During our regular trips to Uganda, we were able to get to know Uganda and love the potential and diversity of the country.

In search of extraordinary, high-quality specialty coffees, we traveled across Uganda and met many coffee farmers and visited their plantations.


Most complain about the same problems: Besides the ongoing climate change, the local market prices for coffee are so low that many can no longer make a living from growing coffee alone.

They are forced to grow alternative agricultural products for sale and can no longer give coffee the necessary attention.


GERUGA would like to change that and enable the farmers to combine their knowledge, often passed on over several generations, with the requirements for specialty coffees.

We pay the coffee farmers fairly for their laborious craft and receive a high-quality product in return.

From part of the income we generate, we not only support the producers but also projects in the regions from which we source our coffees.


Coffeeland Uganda



  • Uganda produziert jährlich 225.000 Tonnen Rohkaffee, wovon etwa 80% Robusta und 20% Arabica ausmachen.

  • Der Robusta wird hauptsächlich in dem zentralen Tiefland Ugandas angebaut. Der Arabica hingegen an den Gebirgsflächen in Ostuganda, um den Mount Elgon und in Westuganda um das Rwenzori-Gebirge.


  • Rohkaffee ist Ugandas führendes Exportgut und macht etwa ein Viertel der Exporteinnahmen des Landes aus. Zu 90% werden die Kaffees von Kleinbauern angebaut und ernähren mehr als 3,5 Millionen Familien.

  • Nach Äthiopien ist Uganda der zweitgrößte Kaffeeexporteur Afrikas und produziert bis zu 2,5% der Welternte.